How To Install Android Lollipop v5.0.2 or Kitkat v4.4 On Pen/Flash Drive

Android Lollipop v5.0, or Kitkat v4.4 on Pendrive
Hey Guys Many of you were facing problem with Unet Bootin app so I am back with a different software to install android on Your PC,Including The latest Android 5.0.2 you may use any of the ISO files.This Tutorial Showing You How Install Original Android 5.0 Lollipop or Kitkatv4.4 Source Code On Your Flash/Pen Drive and Use it anywhere.
Warnings : This May Damage your computer & Pen-drive if done incorrectly. Proceed at your own risk.
How to Run ?
  1. First Download Android Lollipop v5.0 ISO or Kitkat v4.4  ISO & Daemon Tools Ultra CRACKED VERSION from below. You Need 2 Flash/Pen Drive With 2 and 4 GB Minimum Size Respectively. [LINKS BELOW]
  2. Make sure both are empty.
  3. Plug Your 2GB Pen/Flash Drive To The PC.
    1. Installing Daemon Tools ULTRA
    2. Download and install Daemon Tools Ultra with Trial License [Links Below]
    3. At the End of the Installation remove ‘Run Daemon Tools Ultra’ tick
    4. Now Run Daemon Tools Ultra Activator.exe
    5. Disconnect your computer from the internet.
    6. Click Next and select your Daemon Tools Ultra installation path (ex : C:Program FilesDaemon Tools Ultra)
    7. Click  Next > Activate and wait till it says successfully activated
    8. Follow the steps you get there
    9. After all You will have Daemon Tools Ultra with a lifetime paid activation
  4. Open Daemon Tools ULtra
  5. Choose Write bootable image to USB option. Here you will need to perform several easy steps:Write bootable image to USB
    1. Insert USB device and choose it in the program.
    2. Choose the bootable image you want to write. Use Browse… button to browse the iso file.
    3. Check Rewrite MBR option to create master boot record in the beginning of the USB device. In this case system will understand that the device is bootable. Be sure that WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) service is switched on, because otherwiseRewrite MBR option may not work properly.
    4. Check Format option and choose the type of file system and the label of the volume.
    5. Check the available space on the inserted device.
    6. Click Start button to begin creating bootable USB or Home button to cancel this operation and return to the main window.
    Wait a few seconds while DAEMON Tools Ultra is creating bootable USB. Click Hide button to open main program’s window. Later you will be able to expand Write bootable image to USB wizard by clicking on the Status Bar.

    Write bootable image to USB
    Bootable USB was successfully created. Click Finish button to close wizard or Reopen Wizard button to create another one bootable USB.
    Write bootable image to USB
  7. Chose Option To Install Android on Your Hard Disk 
  8. Now Select the 4GB Pendrive/Memory card from the menu. Choosing Hard disk may corrupt Your OS.
  9. Choose the option “Do Not Format”
  10. Next it will ask you to install GRUB? choose yes.  
  11. The installation will begin and you will see a progress bar.
  12. If you the screen below, the installation is complete. Congratulations! Now you can run Android-x86.
  13. Choose The option to  run it “RUN Android -86
  14. After that set date, time etc.
  15. Now Choose power off from top right hand side and shut it down.
  16. Next eject both the  pen-drives and boot windows normally.
  17. Whenever you have to use Android on any system boot from the 4GB pendrive in which Android is installed!!!
How to install apps!!
  1. To install apps you can USE  App stores (Like Google Play or Amazon App Store) or via APK File.
  2. To install APK
  3. Move APK file to the Pendrive in which Android is installed, While using windows OS (Obviously :) :))
  4. Now Boot PC Using Pendrive(Android)
  5. Open  File Manage
  6. The check All the USB Ports.
  7. Any one of them will show you all the files on pendrive.
  8. Double click the apk file and if it shows the warning change the settings.

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